The Resurrection of Forward Push

The blog is dead. Or rather, it WAS! I can no longer figure out why I stopped writing. But, I did stop and all I can do now is guess on the possible reasons why I did. It must be pointless to go back to those reasons but I find it very crucial for me to put these reasons into awareness because most of these are the keys to understanding my future articles.

To claim that the reason for stopping is blog maintenance issues is very lame. I remember when my former landlord and I had a disagreement on an issue regarding tariff increases, I decided to move in to another house but unfortunately my new place did not have any internet access at all. Probably this is a major factor why I stopped but if I really wanted to write then I would have sought ways to post like going to an internet shop. Obviously, there is another reason.

My masters drained my energy. I was enrolled to the final level of psychiatric and mental health nursing that involves intensive practice. I went to help victims of the typhoon and offered stress debriefing and I also took care of children with special needs. I made modules, researchers, and a lot more! To fit my blog to my schedule was simply hard to do but it was not impossible. So, this could also not be the major reason for stopping. There is still one more.

My ex-boyfriend and I got back. We again dated and tried to save the once destroyed relationship that we had. I had to spend more time with him than anything or anybody else but to make that a reason to stop writing is also lame. Probably, my euphoria for winning him back led me to conclude that I have moved on (or so I thought) and forward push already served its purpose.

I stopped writing and left the few who remain loyal readers to the blog hanging and probably frustrated. I am sorry. I admit it was selfish for me to stop. Believe you may, the reasons were unconscious to me and it took a lot of time and complexities (that I will explain in my future articles) before bringing everything into consciousness.

Around 2 weeks ago, I received messages from people telling me that they have been reading my blog and further asserted that they can fully relate to it. Only little did I know that some of my posts were actually still being read. That inspired me to bring life to Forward Push once more. I am still hoping that my former readers would still have the heart to check on my blog. It is back and it is alive!
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